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    October 30, 2012
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this crashed into the living room upstairs bedroom. fortunately, we have heard a lot of cases of near misses. they were sleeping on the other side of the bedroom. they are ok, just shaken. a massive tree crashing on taylor street in arlington. >> it hit about 7:00, and it was like an earthquake. >> he came out. he was ok. thank god. >> what looked like smoke was rising from the debris -- >> hopefully it's not a fire. >> it turned out to be steam fortunate news in the chaos. this home, a father was reading a bedtime story to his four- year-old daughter when a tree
crashed into the bedroom ceiling. >> we heard a big noise. >> 83 crash landed on top of a car here and snapped ale in half. again, no one was hurt. >> you can see the wires getting cold. >> the wind was so fierce, they did not know so much damage had been done. >> said it was constant. very loud. >> trees were shutting down? as has the crews moved in. to begin the monumental and dangerous task of reducing falling giants to wood chips. clucked and knocked on my door this morning asking if i needed any help. "they were asleep when a 60-foot tree slammed into the roof. damage was minimal. he just wants it gone. >> i do not know if you can get a feel for this on television, but this is a massive hole that
the tree came out of. it was it literally ripped from the ground. we saw these trees ripped from the ground just crashing into the trees. the homeowner was too emotional to speak about it. she says they just thank god that they were alive. a lot of clean up here and they will work on this particular tree tomorrow. jennifer donelan abc-7 news. >> we are all happy. millions of people remained without power to buy because of sandy. pepco reports about 7000 people are out of power. dominion house 60,000 people out and bgein the dark. coming up, autry and godfrey will have an update on the restoration of power. one of the efforts to keep the lights on ended with them being rushed off to the hospital. howard county fire crews found a
generator running in this home with the real residence overrun by carbon monoxide fumes. one is said to be critically ill right now. the levels were 30 times higher than they should have been. >> trees and wires toppling but flooding was not as big of an issue as first feared. d.c. public schools will be open tomorrow. d.c. bureau chief sam ford continues our storm coverage from northwest d.c. clucks the toppled trees are about the biggest problem here in d.c. and d-dot received 500 incidents including this one on barnaby's street nw. southeast to northwest trees fell on houses as a sandy blew through the d.c. >> my dog was freaking out. >> in a convoy, mayor great toward the city. they were removing the tree
there. >> we just looked outside and we saw the car. >> the mayor returned to the bloomingdale neighborhood known for flooding in the greeted residents to said despite the rain and wind they were for the most part, spirit. >> when we look at what is going on in new york and new jersey, we survived. >> the mayor spent more than half an hour on a conference call with president obama, 10 governors, and other mayors. >> he indicated he is prepared to make sure they cut through all the red tape so that federal assistance if needed will be made immediately available. if people have any difficulty getting through the federal apparatus to call them directly ourselves. >> the city is getting back to normal in the schools and the government will make it back on
tomorrow. they are restoring power but for one family that will not solve their problems. >> this is the hole where the tree came from. this is what is left from the tree and that is their home there. power was restored in this neighborhood just about an hour ago. the mayor has praised the power crews and the sea saying we should do something to help new york since they have been devastated in he will do whatever they think we should need to do to help. live from northwest washington, sam ford abc 7 news. >> sandy has moved inland. up and down the east coast, the storm left a lot of decimation. >> what is next for us? we turn to doug hill for the latest. what's the latest here is what is left of sandy is about 90
miles east, northeast of pittsburgh and moving off to the and it will be out of the picture totally over the next couple of days. for the moment, chilly and them. the future past gives us a good indication of the motion and the resultant flow of air that will continue to move along the trailing edge of the system as it moves out and it will provide a slow improvement with sunshine breaking through and more over the next few days. i would say it was a late december afternoon with the chilean misting rain out there. >> nothing like that damage, but now we have some cold air so our friends without power have to deal with that. here are the lingering showers right around us. there is one of the bands of what had been sandy moving to bangor maine. the snow continues right into parts of west virginia.
overnights and i'd come it will be a cold one. this is really more like early january. the temperature, 43 degrees. as you mentioned, we will be drawing talent, but it will be chilly and you will have to dress up the ghost, some pretty good trick or treat weather for tomorrow. we will join you as we keep going for the next hour and a half. >> up to the north, the damage is worse than what we have been seeing. the president is planning a chip to new jersey to assess the damage for himself. >> serious damage suffered on the jersey shore a massive fire wiped out a dozen of homes while streets in manhattan and outside the city of rolla flooded. >> and grandy is live in new york city on the damage.
>> the death toll continues and the damage is so widespread. 35 people have been killed according to the associated press and it could be several days until we know the full extent of all of the destruction. klutz residents in the battered mid-atlantic states are now faced with flooding, power failures and the daunting task of cleaning up. >> it's got to happen. >> outages are spread from virginia to maine almost 10 million residents in the dark. >> i want every agency to lean forward and make sure we're getting the resources where they are needed. >> unprecedented 13-foot storm surge cents a delusion of salt water into the subway system. one major tunnel took in more than 11 feet of water pushing cars and stacking them up like toys. >> nta faced a disaster as
devastating as it has ever faced. >> they pushed a 700-ton tanker on to a street in s.i.. two fires were sparked in the rockaways and a dozen -- rescued dozens of people. it turned the bustling streets of lower manhattan into a ghost town. some curious new yorkers ventured out to look at the damage. >> we saw the river coming towards us. it actually looked like something out of a movie. >> governor cuomo says it will take a while and he hopes a new york will rebuild smarter in anticipation of additional severe weather events. >> we have but old infrastructure and that's not good. >> it could be several days before the new york city subway system is fully up and running again.
the new york stock exchange will be open tomorrow. live in new york city, abc 7 news. >> our own beaches severed the damage as sandy became ashore. brad bell is now live with more on the cleanup underway there. >> it is better tonight than it was last night. the waves have come down. i just saw a few dolphins going by. yesterday, all of these were from all over the boardwalk. there was sand everywhere. as you can see, it's just about ready to be used. ocean city began cleanup as soon as the wind died down. it is something they are proud of here. >> mother nature had us if you times really hard in this city knows how to bounce back. >> the ocean city fishing piers have gone. it was washed away by waves.
>> you can still feel it shaking, so i can imagine what it was like last night. the whole right side is off. >> along the boardwalk, it seems wash the sand is the only problem, but the businesses that operate down from the walkway took a hit. serve came crashing through and now boarded up windows and the famous san bar is also a soggy sand filled shamble. >> a few days ago this place was opened for business and doing great. now it's just crazy. >> there is flooding damage for more than 60 blocks. at this trailer park, a boat floated free for several blocks but missed all of the trailers. downtown, this building was not scared. like a lot of people, they have work to do. >> i was worried in years past. i knew we going to have issues this year. i feel fortunate.
i guess we were lucky. people who have lived here a while, they say this is the worst they have seen since 1962. >> you can see the heavy equipment out there. they have put a big earthmovers back to put it back where it longs. now they're putting back the gradual slope. they say that they will be ready for business very soon. in ocean city, brad bell, abc 7 news. >> to see more pictures, while you are there look for the stormwatch headline. >> coming up flights are still grounded at many major airports. we are live at reagan national airport with when travelers
>> snow. >> can you believe it?
snow is still coming down. here's a picture from oakland maryland. stephen tschida is live from western maryland. >> the temperature is dropping when the still -- wind still going. this is how she left garrett county a snowy smack down. just about everywhere else, it is inflicting pain. ash>> it's bad. >> isolated by the storm, she's doing her best to get by. what we don't have any heat. what she felt this was the water in advance of the store man now
with dollars they've got. >> we do not have any water. >> some of the hardest hit by the storm? truckers. >> a bad situation. >> 68 is closed stranding them. >> we don't have food. we don't know how long we'll be here. >> the plows are out but it's making getting around more complicated. >> this is a heavy snow. >> it's still coming down. a flurry right now, but it has not let up. is there has continued to fall. as far as interstate 68, we heard it has reopened. as far as an enemy power will be restored to all those people here still in the dark and cold no word yet. -- as far as its power will be
restored, no word yet. >> 8/08 smack down. that's exactly what they got. -- a snowy smack down. >> if this is sharing the big picture here. yesterday at this time, the precipitation was just a sea of green out there. not a lot of gaps and just a few individual areas of rain. this was pushing south and north, so we still have a few moderate downpours. the metro the eastern shore and in delaware. one thing we have been stressing is how cold it is. the average temperature is still in the low to mid 60's, allegedly. the wind is a whole different story today. as the sustained wind is at 10- 12 miles per hour.
a far cry from these wind gusts registered at the height of the storm yesterday. 74 76, 70. 61 in fairfax city. that was a big change. rainfall is another big story. records said at the airports and other community. 7.89 inches. look at this list. if there is any good news, it's the fact we did make inroads on the drought we had been accumulating over the rainfall deficit. there was a whole lot of rain. bob ryan has a good look at the numbers. >> this is one of those integrations. the soil was dry so the first rain soaked in. when the wind picked up, that was when we had the power outages of this area the purple, this was only in 24
hours. that will be flowing off and the coming down the potomac. here is the latest outlook for the potomac and also around georgetown. late tomorrow into tuesday for some minor to moderate flooding 1 foot or so above flood stage. look at these temperatures. this is likely december, early january. this will pick up the lingering showers and the snow out in western maryland. the southern wind continues and a lot of leftover clouds, may be passing sprinkle or shower again. temperatures will not be quite as low, but that's hardly a bargain. this is still a little on the chilly cited and well below average with a lot of clouds around. as we finally go through the next seven days, good to trick- or-treater and whether tomorrow afternoon. more sunshine.
for the weekend, a little bit on the cool side and certainly better than we are right now. it is something we will be remembering for a long time, but it has been devastating. we got off easy compared to new jersey and new york city. >> coming ahead, gasoline is always in demand, but will sandy said gas prices soaring again? >> officials in alexandria expect [ mitt romney ] there a two
very different paths the country cry take. one is a path represented by the president, which, at the end of four years, it'd mean we'd have t$20 trillion in debt. i'll get people back to work with 12 million new jobs. i'm gonna make sure that we get people off of food stamps ot by cutting the program but by getting them good jobs. i'll work with you. i'll lead you in an open and honest way and to make sure that we all together maintain america as the hope of the earth. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
>> some areas did not fled immediately, but that does not mean it's not the case now. >> kendis gibson is live in old town alexandria where he is watching the water rise. clucks of rising quickly around us and we will have to move after this live report. this has been incredible. when we did our last live shot and there was no water in these streets. this has come up in the last hour and we are still three-four hours from high tide. the water is already spreading up king street, one full block from where the potomac river is. they were anticipating they would have some problems in this area, and i guess is living up
to the expectations. the potomac breached its banks briefly spilling into walled town. a small preview of what may end up being a devastating flood. >> it's definitely coming. people think it's over? it's not yet. >> he has been tracking the levels upstream and he anticipates the river to reach heights not seen since isobel. >> it is near flood tide. around 9:00 or so tonight, we still have a long way to go -- a long way to go. if clinton there was a sense of pending disaster as they made sandbags available. if you think they will be able to stop the water from coming in. >> these buildings are very old. on this block, they are almost 300 years old. there are a lot of cracks and
holes in the mortar, especially where the joins me. the water will be coming in if it wants to. >> some king street restaurants move their furniture out of town to storage facilities elsewhere. others loaded up with sandbags and helped. >> we did all of the normal stuff. >> they may have been relatively unharmed during mr. de, but its aftermath could be felt in this area for several days to come. officials with alexandria are saying it could be up to 72 hours of flood problems. this restaurant that we featured earlier you can see the water is already looking at the door. they moved everything upstairs and they are hoping that will be enough. it has really started flooding in this area. that employee is doing what will be a few tile job because it
will still make its way into the back area of that restaurant. high tide is still not for several hours here in old town. how high will it go? a lot of people will be out here watching nervously. >> i was down there during iso bel for a very similar scene. good luck to them. still ahead, travelers are still stranded all along the east coast. when will things start to get back to normal? >> i live in arlington and i will let you know why some of the thousands of power outages that still remain are actually public safety concerns. >> assessing the damage after a
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now on the efforts to restore power to customers still in the dark. >> pepco pubs to have the power restored to 90% of their customers by tomorrow. >> the region hardest hit virginia. dominion has more than 57,000 outages. heptoses about 6700 are out in the -- pepco says about 6700 outages. bge says 2700 outages. autria has delayed is. >> they will be working nonstop until all power is restored. you can see where i am in arlington and a light at this intersection has been out all day long. officials are urging caution and ask that you always treated as a four-way stop. this is a problem as the day
goes on and as night falls. at last check around 4:15, dominion said 61,000 customers are still without power. while that may seem like a lot that is down significantly from the power outages during the storm. this is one neighborhood in mclean where 120 people lost power because of 13 crashing down. they have been to leesburg, and great falls, an arlington bhardest hit. th were from downed trees. heavy limbs plus gale force winds. they hope to have everyone back on line by thursday evening working in 100 different locations tonight around-the- clock. we wrapped up a press conference with pepco officials and here is what they had to say about
rounding up people for their response. >> this was unprecedented storm of unimaginable magnitude. we began to prepare in an unprecedented way. we asked for more mutual assistance than we ever have in the history of the company. >> pepco hopes to have 90% restored by tomorrow morning and it went under% by thursday night. autria godrey, abc 7 news. >> is has released millions of gallons of sewage into teh ri ver. it takes hours for the pumps to come back online.
residents do need to avoid getting in the waterways. >> prince george's county was not spattered. suzanne kennedy continues our it team coverage in college park tonight. >> this is what we're going to be seeing on the side of the roads. this is a freshly cut tree. they've made quick it getting chainsaws in and they were able to get it down and out of their yard. here are some other pictures here from prince george's county. this time last night, a large oak tree fell on a home. an adult woman and her mother brought home when the tree fell. there were no injuries. unfortunately, house is uninhabitable. another tree fell and a woman and her two children more at home. the power went out and she had a feeling she needed to get them out of an upstairs bedroom when moments later a tree fell on
that bedroom. there was also hot water -- high water and the road was closed down. laurel was the most impacted area of prince george's county. >> there were three or four houses right around the same time last night where we had large trees or branches fall on homes and they sustain enough damage where we had to shut off utilities to displace the residence. >> on rhode island avenue here in college park. this road was closed down briefly earlier today because of the situation. there are still roads that are still closed down, about one dozen locally, three or four state roads. if you have to go out tonight be very careful because the route that you regularly travel may not be accessible to you. take some extra time and perhaps to stay home.
live in college park, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> really good advice. let's get a check in now of where sandy is from doug hill. >> the central circulation is northeast of pittsburgh now and will continue to move to the west, northwest. we're still getting some rain and let's check it out on the graphics. it is moving from south to north and it will diminish as the entire system moves to the north and east. temperatures are winter-like. 43 is the average high here on january 1st. 30's past the blue ridge and below freezing out west where the blizzard concerns continue. a bit of a breeze, but the southern breeze consistently all day, that is one reason we're seeing the flooding occurring in alexandria which should improve over time as well. if you showers and patches of light rain through the
overnight hours. temperatures holding steady and then tomorrow, mostly cloudy and cool. we will hold the door open to have a few sunny breaks through the midday and after noon hour. we have more coming up in just a little bit. >> another day of travel woes for people stranded because of the hurricane. flights are being taken off slowly. if you are looking at a flooded runway at new york's laguardia airport. kris van cleve is that reagan national airport and let's get the latest on what he's seeing there. >> the condition that the new york airport is going to be a big factor in how long it takes the airlines to get back to normal service. they moved all of the airplanes out of the region away from sandy so it will take time to get them back in place. 4500 flights have already been cancelled for tomorrow. however there are some planes back flying tonight. signs of life returning to
reagan national airport. airports beginning to taxi in and out, flights finally leaving. for david who finished the marine corps marathon in four hours, 45 minutes, the marathon trip home to kansas city will take days. >> i stayed an extra day in the hotel. now i have just been waiting in the airport for an 8:00 flight out tomorrow morning. >> i saw two airplanes leave. i think that's a good sign. at least they are leaving. >> some flights for coming and going through the region airports, but significant cancellations remain. the news is much better for metro riders. the system weathered the storm and limited service began this afternoon. >> we had some minor damage, debris on the tracks, whether at certain stations, but nothing that was a major in nature and
no problems with power that would preclude us from restoring service. >> he is waiting for the first yellow line train after sleeping at work. >> there was no way to get home. i did not want to risk it. >> he must really be looking forward to that train. >> very much so. >> metro buses are running on a sunday schedule and things will be back to normal tomorrow morning, but there may be some bus routes that will have to detour around road closures. amtrak at last report was still assessing the condition of the northeast corridor. for now, that service has been largely suspended. the have not been able to say when service will be back flying tomorrow check with the airline before you had to the airport. there will be a lot of cancellations, especially in the afternoon and evening. thursday and friday, things getting better from there. it will take a few days for all
the delays to work their way out of the system. >> thank you. let's check in on the traffic. people are advised to stay home. how are the roads playing out? >> most people are listening to that advice. looking good at 95. 395 looking well. we do have a few closures. fallen power cables here. roblin parkway closed. canal affected by arizona avenue with a fallen tree there. the bill will not moving bad through maryland or virginia on the outer loop. a tree is caught on this rail but the rest of it is possible. no problems traveling northbound 270 of toward heights town. as the latest. back to you. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 5, as president obama prepares to go to new jersey tomorrow. but just seven days, how will
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making education aon training a national priority; building on our manufacturing boom; boosting american-made energy; reducing the deficits responsibly by cutting where... we can, and asking the wealthy to pay a little more. and ending the war in afghanistan, so we can... do some nation-building here at home. that's the right path. so read my plan, compare it to governor romney's... and decide which is better for you. it's an honor to be your president... and i'm asking for your vote... so together, we can keep moving america forward. i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
>> and the most impressive messages are coming from you. >> a natasha barrett has some of the best pictures have seen it coming in today. >> we have been getting pictures all day long from the area. this picture is utah street in arlington. an entire street blocked. this house, the tree just missed our producer's home. virginia state police gave us this picture in loudoun county. look at the yellow sign. that is how much flooding is going on there. first road north in arlington
you can see men on the tree. next, a bathroom in d.c. it tree made its way into the shower. in howard county, this family got lucky. they went down into the basement and firefighters say it's good they did. everybody is okay. the last one, if you are wondering about snow, this is in west virginia just a few hours ago. look at all that snow. that caution barrett abc 7 news. back to you. -- it natasha barrett. >> you can always and as your pictures. >> coming up next how gas
>> when image giving an idea just how powerful this surge was.
that is a 1000-ton tanker ship that just walked onto the roadway. when 170-foot tanker had been moored close to 1 mile away. amazing, no injuries associated with that. >> giving it a new meaning to the phrase "your ship has come in of." there's always a concern about gas prices. >> we will still month know for a week as we we to see how long it takes refineries to come back on line. rebecca cooper has the details. >> drivers rushed to fill up before sandy hit causing many to run dry. the demand for gas tripled in many areas causing spot shortages. as rhode island drivers waited. one said they were stopped. >> i'm very surprised. >> what are you going to do? >> i don't know.
drive around and tried to find some more gas. >> there was a west coast and run out of gas as drivers were worrying about a possible tsunami following an earthquake in canada. the price has not gone up nationwide but it has in some locations including here in washington. here is the price charts for the past 10 days. it had been going steadily down. as i see in the hit, the price spike. after hitting $3.79, it will now move up. that's in large part due to the east coast pre-sam the rush. just as quickly as the man that went up, it has gone down things to so many drivers staying home. the flooding, fires and power failures also impact in some refineries. others deliberately it shut down before it hit. >> it is predicted to be the
costliest storm in u.s. history and we will have to wait and see with the full impact will be at the pump. if refiners are not back on line in a week expect prices to go up further. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> that shows to the ripple effect of that huge storm. >> let's see if there is anything else to worry about this hour. >> here is the circulation associated with sandy. even though it has diminished, the circulation is still impressive. what does all the way over the atlantic in the gulf stream, even bringing warm almost tropical air. how do we know it's warmer? check this out. 68 in burlington. 57 in boston. we had the cold wind the polling around our area so we will be in the 30's and 40's.
a live look at wintergreen resort. i do not see any movement, but they have enough snow. a little early in the season to get things cranked up. when will the rain get out of here? let's find out from bob ryan. >> secure is the micro cast picking up the leftover, chilly showers. some of you in loudoun county are seeing some of the snow flakes mixed in. overnight into the low 40's. so hopefully everyone's power will come back on. temperatures tomorrow morning in the mid to high 30's with a lot of leftover clouds. still, a southern breeze will not help things around alexandria but moderate flooding around the bay and the coming down the potomac. the crest will be late tomorrow, tomorrow evening. a cloudy cool day. 50-55 is better than the 43 we have right now.
good trick-or-treater weather for tomorrow. slowly, temperatures moving back into the mid 50's. and has been a crippling devastating storm for new jersey and new york. plus another all-star will say goodbye tonight on "dancing with the stars." apollo ohno danced to perfect scores leaving them on top. >> it was magical. it was like i was dancing with her four years. >> since no one was eliminated, they will take two weeks of scores combined with the viewer votes and then someone will go home tonight. taylor swift and jason mraz perform tonight at 8:00 and then an abc news storm special
>> seven days until the presidential election and sandy is already having an impact on the campaign. >> scott thuman is in the newsroom to show us how. close the campaign has been altered. they're still trying to exudes a sense of leadership. it is one they're trying to make the most out of. >> the president skipped the traditional planned rally and instead of rally the troops. >> cut through red tape and bureaucracy. >> joe biden was in a video
conference from ohio. time is running short. what the president will tour the damage personally in new jersey. for romney, he relabeled this campaign event a plea for help. >> are going to block these up and put them on trucks. >> here in arlington the bus was used to drop off of nations headed for new jersey. meanwhile, still spreading the message. bill clinton in minnesota, ann romney in wisconsin. the real concern? election day. residents might still be concerned with where to live, not where to vote.
>> the above canceled major campaign events in virginia because of the storm. they will be making up those days. ronny will make three stops on friday in virginia -- romney will make three stops. >> our coverage continues right now on abc 7 news at 6. captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is abc 7 news at 6, on your side. >> good evening. 24 hours ago we were bracing for sandia and that now we are cleaning up. >> to our north, there are flooded streets and tunnels. it the main problem in our immediate metro